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Custom 16-inch 6.5 Grendel Hunting Rifle For Sale
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I'm selling this entry-level lightweight 6.5 Grendel designed for hunting big game in WA. State law
requires a minimum caliber of .24 (6mm) to hunt big game. The 6.5 Grendel fires a 0.264" bullet with high ballistic coefficient which retains velocity very, very well as it travels for a versatile hunting and fighting round from the ubiquitous AR-15 platform. Energy on target will be greater than standard .223/5.56 at any range, typical hunting bullets (like the Hornady 123 gr SST Interlock) weigh twice as much as typical 5.56 green tip bullets (and they expand beautifully, not depending on unreliable tumbling to damage targets), and you can still get 24- to 25-rounds in a magazine the same length as a standard 30-rd AR mag. Recoil is approximately 1.5x that of .223/5.56.

The only unique parts to the Grendel are the barrel, the bolt, and the magazine. Since the bullet is wider than .223, the muzzle device is usually also threaded differently so that someone doesn't try to put a .26 cal bullet through a .223-sized muzzle brake of flash hider. Any other standard AR-15 part can be used on this rifle if you wish to customize it.

This rifle has been optimized as an entry-level mid-range hunting rifle. The Bear Creek Arsenal barrel has been installed snugly into the upper receiver with 0.001" shim stock to eliminate wiggle and properly torqued after application of milspec Aeroshell 33MS grease to the barrel nut.

The free float handguard promotes consistency from shot to shot, without touching the barrel.

Without any optics out sights, and an empty magazine, the rifle weighs 6 pounds, 10 ounces.
With a Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 4-12x40 scope installed for testing/barrel break in, it weighs just a half ounce under eight pounds.

This includes one 25-rd ASC 6.5 Grendel stainless steel parkerized magazine. The 6.5 Grendel case head is wider than standard 5.56, so if you use standard mags, you can only get about ten rounds in before they start malfunctioning because they're too wide. Dedicated 6.5 Grendel mags fix this issue with a different follower and slightly different internal geometry. ASC is economical and usually reliable (this one is tested to fully function in this rifle). C Products Defense make Grendel mags and they seem to have a very good reputation amongst Grendel users, but if you want top of the line mags for the Grendel, look into Alexander Arms' E-Lander magazines, imported from Israel. They are much heavier than the ASC or CPD mags, expensive, and they are a bit noisy when shaken, but they are solid, well-built, and have functioned every time for me.

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Barrel: 16" Bear Creek Arsenal M4 profile carbine-length gas system stainless steel nitrided, with fluting forward of the gas journal.

Receivers: Anderson Mfg., closed trigger guard, forged and hard coat anodized black.

Bolt carrier group: Odin Works nitrided 6.5 Grendel type II.

Lower parts kit: Palmetto State Armory, with polished mating surfaces on the fire control group. Replaced stock springs with KP Enterprises reduced power 3.5# trigger spring kit.

The stock is Magpul commercial-spec CTR on an LBE receiver extension; the grip is a Magpul MOE-SL. Both are stealth gray.

The handguard is an ALG Defense EMR 10" M-Lok Gray free float handguard. Generic ambidextrous "Raptor-style" charging handle included.

Muzzle device is an A2 flash hider threaded 5/8"x24.

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Price drop:

Rifle only (no scope or mount, but includes one magazine)- $750

You are responsible for FFL Transfer fee at the time off sale, in accordance with state law.

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