Ben Sauve - Firefighter Walla Walla County Fire District No. 4
Hello, I'm Ben Sauve. I'm a volunteer firefighter/Advanced EMT, and I've built a few websites. I am not currently ACTIVELY marketing my services.

I have created a fully-automated web-based quiz or practice test page. This is geared towards allowing EMT students to practice for the National Registry exam using a 150-question bank that can be tailored down to 25, 50, 100, or all 150 questions if they wish, all in a random order. Walla Walla Community College lead EMT instructor Rob Nelson provided the question and answer bank, and will be given a copy of this script, but I plan to broaden this script's capabilities in the future and will post updated versions here as they come out.

The practice test allows users to take a multiple-choice exam that has a random order every time you take it. Every user taking it will see the questions in a different order, and if they select to take fewer questions than the total questions bank, they may also see different questions altogether. Upon submission, the test is graded immediately, automatically, and feedback on incorrect answers is provided. The results can be printed out and delivered to an instructor or kept for future reference. It's not timed yet, but the ability for the test creator to set a time limit can be built later. It's written entirely in Javascript, so no special webhosting or database-connectivity is required, and everything is included in one web page for easy deployment.

To try a short, 10-question demo of the script (not related to EMT's, just to see how the whole system works), please try this Demo Test. Get a couple answers wrong on purpose, and see how it gives feedback. Try reloading it to take it in a different order.

To practice for the National Registry of EMT's exam, please launch the National Registry Practice Test. Let me know if you find any bugs or what you think of it using the Contact Me page.

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